LivinGrateful Impact

LivinGrateful Impact was created to bring exposure to non-profit foundations that are having a positive impact on communities and people’s lives.

Making an Impact

There is no shortage of outstanding organizations across the globe doing great things to help humanity, however, the ones promoted here are organizations we personally support and know that the money and resources donated go directly where they are needed to have the most impact.

All of the links go directly to the non-profit foundations themselves and LivinGrateful is not affiliated in any way, other than the contributions we make in time, money, and resources.

I encourage you to take just a few minutes and look around, if nothing else to gain some insight on these amazing organizations. There are ways to have an impact without donating money, even if it’s just to spread the word.

Thank you!

Feeding America

There is no excuse for people to go hungry with all of the resources and waste we have today. This organization works tirelessly to collect food and distribute it to the families and children who need it. I’ve donated time and energy sorting food in the warehouse and handing it out on the streets here in Jacksonville and have seen the impact it has on our community.

Tyler’s Hope

Tyler’s Hope is the closest to my heart of any organization I’m involved with.  Since its inception by dear friends of mine back in 2005, I have seen this foundation grow from nothing into a powerful force for good.  In addition to impacting the lives of people with Dystonia and their families, Tyler’s Hope has proven what can be accomplished when people come together for a common cause. 

If you’re someone who appreciates people who take action and make shit happen, you’ve got to check this out.   

Victoria's Promise

Cancer has affected almost all of us to varying degrees. Victoria’s Promise does an amazing job of supporting women throughout their entire journey with Cancer and beyond. They continue to have a positive impact on the lives of countless women and the people who love them and we are proud to offer our support to this worthwhile cause.

“True fulfillment comes in the service of another human being.”

John Jackson

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